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The reasoning behind this arrangement of images, was experimenting haphazardly
with photo filters. By systematically using these tools, helped create these
interpretable variations.

your place – my place  metamorphoses of a place

The inspiration behind these metamorphoses, is a photograph of the Israelite
Cemetery Krumbach/Bavaria.
Tragically, but even fascinatingly so, is the dispersion and internationalisation
of the Jews. By collective associations, stereotypes, imaginary characteristics and
the effect of filters, I have tried to transfer this place into other countries.


Original image

indienSo INDIA is held in opulent gold and red, the manner evokes us of the shapes in Sankrit.
7 nyNY appears pixelated- the tombstones appear as a skyline, a tree beyond the cemetery wall shapeshifts to a spy.
moskauMOSCOW is dominated by the colours of USSR uniforms.
pekingPEKING in granular yellow and wavy wall.
3 berlinBERLIN terrifying black and white, is reminiscent of SS uniforms.
warschauWARSAW gloomy black and red, the white of the Polish flag is inverted to remind us of the Warsaw Ghetto.
bagdad mappeBAGHDAD arabesque shapes illuminated in purple and pink.
afrika mappeAFRICA tombs in blazing heat.
limaLIMA blazing sun.
jerusalemJERUSALEM free association.

Lutz-Volker Spies
ISBN 978-3-00-044636-8

Katalog zur Ausstellung:
„dein platz-mein platz / METAMORPHOSEN EINES ORTES“
300 g/m² MunkenPure, Designpapier VK 14 €

 Bis die ISBN für den Buchhandel sichtbar ist, kann es noch dauern.


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